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Guocoland was incorporated in 1976 and shortly in 1978, it got listed in the Singapore Exchange and set up its HQ in Singapore. In 1990, Guocoland made its move into the property development and investment arena and achieved tremendous successful results. Today, property development and investment has been made the Group’s core business.

Guocoland is the brain behind the pioneering of the leasehold 99-year development for condominiums in Singapore. In the residential property project development, it has successfully completed more than 30 developments and in total, delivered at least 10,000 residential apartments. Today, Guocoland is a well established well recognised major developer in the private residential market.

Besides the local scene, Guocoland has expanded its business into countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam and China, with further penetration into international markets in the United Kingdom and Australia, etc.

Today, with its commitment towards continual innovative development efforts, maintaining its high quality standards, delivering eco-friendly projects plus its business excellence, Guocoland was duly awarded a multitude of local as well as international awards.

The above listed projects are some examples of the amazing track records completed by the Midtown Bay Developer. For each development completed, it can be clearly seen that the end result is of high quality and each will have premium features to call its own. These features are widely accepted by the market and residents as it uniquely created to portray the development for its premium iconic look.  With their combined strong success stories locally and globally in different development, both joint venture partners are fully confident to complete the projects with high quality and residents can look forward to luxurious and well designed abodes. 


Proudly Developed by : Guocoland

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